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About the 99% Campaign

The 99% Campaign is a youth-led initiative that aims to dispel negative stereotypes of young people and promote their involvement in decision-making processes and civic life.

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The 99% Campaign Team

The 99% Campaign has a dedicated team of editors, writers and creative associates who produce a variety of content for this site. Click on the link below to find out more about the team.

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Environmental Activism or Environmental Extremism

Introduction Several peaceful protest organisations including Extinction Rebellion (XR), Greenpeace and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have all recently been included in police counter-terror documents and been labelled as ‘key threats’ (Grierson and Scott: 2020). Although it has been said that the document was designed to help de-radicalisation efforts, the inclusion of such environmental and pacifist […]

Does COVID-19 affect everyone the same?

As IARS promotes equal rights for all, we wanted to assess how apart from a public health crisis, the coronavirus outbreak brings into the spotlight the inequalities and the social crisis we have been undergoing for years.


IARS is organizing a writing competition as part of the Community Outreach to contribute to the intellectual outputs of the Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP). We are interested in broadcasting European voices of young people, focusing on the topics that matter to them. YEIP aims to tackle radicalisation through youth empowerment and social inclusion. […]

Survey of youth NGOs and networks in Europe is now open

The survey is being carried out by Ecorys, an independent research organisation, on behalf of the European Commission. It forms part of a study on the changing landscape of youth representation in the EU (EAC/17/2019). The aims are: to map EU youth NGOs and networks to assess the contribution and impact of EU funding to […]


International youth conference to be held by the IARS International Institute at Lewisham College on the 16th and 17th July. The conference shall bring together young people with European and British key decision makers, academics, teachers, policymakers and youth agencies to tackle the issues of opportunity and enterprise, whilst equipping young participants with the skills […]

The 99% Campaign Needs You!

Do you want to gain experience in research, content writing, social media strategy or blogging? Have a spare few hours a week to build this experience? Fancy joining a network of young people seeking to make a positive change in the world? Have an opinion that needs a platform? We are recruiting some new ambassadors […]

99% Campaign Magazine

The 4th Edition of the 99% Campaign Magazine is nearly here! We are extremely thrilled to announce that the 4th Edition of the 99th Campaign Magazine is on its way. The magazine ultimately aims to dispel any negative stereotypes of young people by providing them with a platform where they are able to express their […]

Natwest: Skill Up Training Offer

“Skill Up” is one of the seven projects funded in London by NatWest’s Skills & Opportunities Fund and was shortlisted from 600 project submitted in England and Wales. Our final selection was confirmed following public vote after receiving thousands of votes in the region of London. The project officially started in October 2017, and is […]

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The 99% Campaign is a youth-led initiative that aims to dispel negative stereotypes of young people, and promote their involvement in decision-making processes and civic life. Sign up for our free newsletter to keep information about new initiatives and campaigns!

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