Inspired by Humans of New York. Photography by Nicola Stead. You can follow Nicola’s work on Facebook and Twitter


Vincent – 24

What’s been the happiest moment of your life?

“I don’t know, you don’t generally remember the happiest ones do you.
When I turned 14 I had to look after my younger brother so I haven’t had many chances to go out and have fun, you know what I mean. When I was in college and looking after my brother, my grandma died and I had to try and look after the house while they were trying to sell it from underneath us, so I kind of got on with it, do all what you can do really. I’m a trainee chef now as since my grandma died I had a passion for cooking but I have a degree in IT as well.”


Carmel – 21

“Giving birth to my little boy Isaac three weeks ago has been the happiest moment of my life. Being a mum is a challenge but I am staying with my auntie for a few weeks as she is helping me with the baby.”


Ameni – 10

“Can you ask me what makes me sad because I want to tell you what makes me sad”

What makes you sad?

“People smoking and the smoke from it makes me angry because it’s smelly, addictive and it causes tar in their lungs which causes them to cough and stuff. Other people who aren’t smoking and trying not to smoke are innocent and didn’t do anything wrong but they have to still cope with it”