Met Police Knife Crime Video

Met Police Knife Crime Video

With the recent phenomenon of knife crimes among young people, The Metropolitan Police have launched a Youtube video called “Choose A Different Ending”. In the interactive video you take the role of a teenager whose every step requires you make choices. Your first choice is whether you take the knife or not, and from then it unravels with different endings.iframe>[youtube=]

Going through the video there were aspects of it I liked and others not so much. Starting with the positive, I think it’s good that the prevention of knife crimes has hit such a popular website as Youtube. A large amount of young people use Youtube for various reasons and the promotion of a positive topic is surely a good start. I also like the concept of having a positive ending when not choosing the knife, emphasising the daily decisions you make. It also makes you think about the people you choose to associate with, some will get you in trouble and others will guide you away from it. Being that is aimed at a young audience it also features music from artist such as Chipmunk and J2K.

But on the other hand, it seems a lot of the black characters portray negatives stereotypes. For example the person you end up fighting with, the guy trying to get you to carry his knife and most importantly you the central character. It would make more sense to have different videos and protagonist from various racial backgrounds to show how it affects a wide range of people. Furthermore there are other factors that influence knife carrying that I feel the video did not cover.

Overall I would say with a few more videos, “Choose A Different Ending” will make more of an impact on the youth. To conclude an interactive video can’t compare to the real thing, but at least it gives a small insight and understanding of the consequences of carrying a knife.

By James

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog, James! Very insightful, and interesting! I think it’s good that the police are beginning to realise that new media like youtube is a great way of getting across to young people!


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