Obama vs. Romney: the conclusion

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The ballots have been collected and reveal that Barack Obama has won a second and final term as the President of the United States of America for another four years. Can I say I’m pleased and relieved? Yes, I could not ask for a better decision.

Over the last few weeks the race for both campaigns became a bitter, aggressive battle for the post which consisted of Mitt Romney continuously opposing each political argument without any sufficient solution. Romney’s views did not consider the female half of the population on topics like abortion, which he opposed; this neglect was seen as a partial factor to his downfall.

In contrast, Obama’s response to the recent events of Hurricane Sandy that led to numerous deaths and left devastation in its wake was seen as a factor for his triumph. The president dropped all campaign duties in order to visit the victims and their families in their time of need. This was seen as a positive contrast to President George Bush Jr.’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina which revealed a lack of attention or even care for the homeless victims – it was clear Obama did not want to repeat this mistake.

Additionally, Osama Bin Laden’s killing could have possibly put him into America’s good favour. However, we still have to wait for the actual truth of events to realise whether that was a decision made for the public or a decision made in his best interests.

Although I am glad for his victory, I do wonder what this will mean for the future of America and consequently the rest of the world. I believe the goals Barack Obama previously set out in his initial campaign in 2008 were a little too optimistic. Most of what he has set out to accomplish has not yet been completed or realised, like the closing of Guantanamo Bay. This is to be expected as he is not just a president, but a man. We cannot expect all of America’s issues to be resolved in the next four years, but what we can expect is an improved future, which could have been destroyed if the vote had gone in the opposite direction.

Volunteer Journalist Sherée

Volunteer Journalist Sherée


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