Journalism Opportunities with the 99% Campaign Blog

Journalism Opportunities with the 99% Campaign Blog

99percent_positiveforyounglondoners1About the 99% Campaign

The 99% Campaign is a youth-led initiative that aims to dispel negative stereotypes of young people, and promote their involvement in decision-making processes and civic life. The campaign is hosted by Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), an independent think-tank with a charitable mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society.

The 99% Campaign blog is written and run by young people. It is one of the vehicles that we use to spread the message of the 99% Campaign. We also have a twitter account @wethe99percent and we work with various media partners such as METRO, Guardian online and BBC. Our work is also supported by our Coalition group.

Our blog acts as a platform for us to express our views, debate issues that we feel strongly about, be a voice for change in our communities, challenge negative perceptions about young people, and promote the positive contributions of young people in society.

Negative perceptions of young people are perpetuated throughout the media, and there is a great deal that is not understood about the challenges and issues facing young people today. This blog is a place for us to speak for ourselves and explore these issues on our own terms.

How You Can Get Involved

We are looking for young volunteers to write articles that promote the positive contributions of young people and discuss areas of social policy that affect them, and also volunteers who are interested in helping to maintain the blog and coordinate with other volunteers.

The articles and opinion pieces that you write will promote the positive contributions that young people make to society. This can include stories about how particular individuals/groups have triumphed over adversity or about the misrepresentation of young people in the media. We also welcome opinion pieces on changes to social policy and legislation that impact the lives of young people. We would like to see interviews with young people about their experiences as well as opinion pieces about your personal involvement in a project or activity.

We welcome submissions from young people at all education levels – even those who have never written articles and opinion pieces before. This is an opportunity to learn writing skills and gain firsthand experience with journalism.
We welcome contributions in the form of short articles, story ideas, videos and photographs. Please send contributions to: or
As part of the 99% Campaign team you can regularly contribute in the following ways:

• Contributing to the new 99percent blog by writing articles, news stories and opinion pieces
• Searching for new content for the website and making decisions about content;
• To work with the existing editorial team to decide on content for the website and discuss the direction and future of the campaign as a whole and to act as a sounding board for new ideas.

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