Vinspired, Get Involved!

Vinspired, Get Involved!

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These days, the headlines are dominated by negative, unrepresentative, news about young people. For the 114 leaders at Team V, a national campaigning project run by the volunteering charity Vinspired, the current situation needs to change.. As a Team V Leader, I have seen first-hand how Vinspired promotes issues that young people care about, and, for many, gives them the opportunity to volunteer as well.

Each leader has their own team of volunteers who helps them carry out the campaign. This helps us to gain some leadership experience and in turn, helps the volunteers to gain or develop skills they need. For the first campaign, The Sustainable Generation, many of us held workshops and stunts on upcycling along with discussions about ways in which young people can be environmentally friendly in their own way.

The second campaign, Love is…, which ended, aimed to inform and educate young people to make their own decisions on healthy relationships. A discussion on Twitter on 15th February engaged up to 500,000 young people in a discussion about Sex and Relationships Education and what is acceptable in a relationship. Many leaders have been using a smaller sliding scale activity at their pop up events in order to gauge local opinion on the issue.

On March 15, the leaders will gather again to find out what the last campaign is and the last challenge will entail. I know that I and many fellow leaders will be ready to put in as much effort as possible. A results video for campaign 2 will be out soon.

Additional to the training that leaders receive they will also have the opportunity, at the end of the programme, to obtain a grant to aid them furthering their education, which will ideally help in enhancing their career. Hopefully, many of this year’s leaders will continue to volunteer after the end of the programme.

Overall, it is great to see young people, such as the leaders, volunteering for something positive and developing leadership and organisational skills at the same time. Not only will it help many of them in the future but it also helps to present a positive image of young people in the media. The opportunities that Team V gives both the leaders and the volunteers are something that you should not just ignore. The fact is that it is fun and helps many in their careers.

If you are interested in becoming a Team V Leader next year, information will be coming out in a few months’ time but if you would like to help, why not check to see if there is a Team V near you. You never know what opportunities it could bring!

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