99% Campaign partners with No Hate Movement

99% Campaign partners with No Hate Movement

The Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) and its 99% Campaign has recently joined the No Hate Speech Movement which aims to reduce hate speech and promote digital activism.

Campaign’s objectives are as follows:

  • To raise awareness about hate speech online and its risks for democracy and for individual young people;
  • To promote media and Internet literacy;
  • To involve young people to stand up for human rights, online and offline;
  • To mobilise, train and network online youth activists for human rights;
  • To show support and solidarity to the people and groups targeted by hate speech online;
  • To advocate for the development and consensus on European policy instruments combating hate speech;
  • To decrease the levels of acceptance of online hate speech.

We aim to release e-tools and deliver workshops to reduce hate crime in the UK. Join us!

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