PLAY: K(NO)w Before You Buy”!

PLAY: K(NO)w Before You Buy”!

K(NO)W BEFORE YOU BUY is half real life and half digital SOCIAL GAME.

Together, we are going to visualize a world with a healthy alcohol consumption and responsible alcohol sales.

”The Home Office has announced it will ban the sale of cheap alcohol in England and Wales and set a “floor price” on a bottle of wine of £2.24. Taking effect from April 2014, the scheme is aimed at tackling the problem of binge drinking in Britain”, says Lydia Smith of the International Business Times in an article titled ”Will Banning Cheap Alcohol Solve UK’s Binge Drinking Problem?”.

It appears difficult to find a good solution to reduce binge drinking and make everyone concerned aware of all the issues related to irresponsible alcohol sale and consumption.

To address that challenge, IARS and its 99% Campaign has joined ‘It’s the Drink Talking – a youth-driven initiative, hosted by Alcohol Concern.

We need your help and ideas to crate a MAP for a better and healthier society.

Let’s play “what if?”- What would happen if we were always mindful when buying alcohol and drinking it? How would our lives change? What would happen if our cities were attacked by money hungry shop and super market owners  selling cheap booze to young people without checking their ID. And isn’t it true that cheap alcohol deals may result in young people drinking more? What if we were detectives and secret agents on a mission to spy on and report harmful alcohol promotions and  failure to check ID?

To play the game you need to contribute stories, create blogs, videos, art, comic-book style story, sound and photojournalism projects and post your work on our Facebook Page – No Before You Buy.

The best stories will appear at the top of each week’s group of story links and will be published on the 99% Campaign website.

More details soon!

Game on!

KBYB “It’s the Drink Talking” Agents



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