Join our Youth Advisory Board

Join our Youth Advisory Board

The IARS International Institute’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is recruiting. If you wish to apply, please send your CV and a brief Cover Letter to Recruitment is open on a rolling basis and we always welcom new applications.

The YAB is an integral part of IARS and its members hold much prestige at IARS and with our members and partners internationally. The YAB influences the strategic direction of the Institute, works alongside the Trustee Board and supports the IARS Founder and Director. Members get invited to IARS’ events free of charge while there are opportunities for paid placements abroad. See example here. All members will recieve travel reimbursement for their travel expenses. The YAB will also receive training which is accredited by the European wide recognised qualifacation of Youth Pass.

There are multiple opportunities for young people aged 12 – 29 who are passionate about raising young people’s  voices and representing a positive image of young people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Key attributes that we are looking for:

Proactive   Diverse     
Passionate    Volunteerism
Committed User or Ex user of youth services
Self-Managing     Networker  
Aware of youth issues                                               Advocate
Ambitious  Organised
Campaigner  Optimistic
Computer Skills  Team player
Gets involved 


The Youth Advisory Board was a ground breaking IARS project that was run on behalf of the London Serious Youth Violence Board (LSYVB) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPA) to assist the police with the development of strategies around preventing violence amongst young people in London.

IARS set up, trained and supported the YAB which was run for two years in order to scrutinise the work of the LSYVB and the MPA, and develop more effective strategies impacting on young Londoners. The YAB continued and evolved under the 5 year London Youth Now (LYN) Project, to advise IARS on our projects and provide a youth perspective in the operation of our organisation as well as to respond to external policy consultations. In the past year the YAB have; contributed to the evaluation of the Anne Frank Trust’s Schools Ambassadors Programme; responded to the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime’s consultation on hate crime strategy in London; responded to the Conservative Party Survey on Immigration; and  supported an IARS to the European Youth Forum consultation on EU Youth Strategy.

The YAB currently has several members, who you can see on our website and read their bios.

Each and every member is required to abide by the YAB Terms of Reference. The YAB meets every three months, although quite often they will have monthly meetings when they need to.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

For more information please contact Andre at .

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