Opportunity: Join PWC’s Diversity and Mentoring Scheme

Opportunity: Join PWC’s Diversity and Mentoring Scheme

We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity offered through the PwC Diversity Mentoring Scheme. The scheme is a clear fit with the work done at IARS in promoting youth development and training opportunities, and an excellent opportunity for young people from under-represented backgrounds to build valuable relationships with mentors at PwC.

The scheme aims to connect young people with mentors at PwC who can provide the insight, guidance and skills necessary when approaching working life. Throughout the 9 month programme mentees can expect regular contact & support with PwC staff members and even possible work experience opportunities.

To apply, you must be eligible to apply for the PwC scheme of interest (e.g. if you are interested in consulting, you should be on track to meet the academic requirements for this scheme). Please find the link to the eligibility requirements on the PwC careers website here.

Please click the following link to fill out the application form. Applications will close on Friday 16th September 2016.

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