Statement on the Manchester Terror Attack

Statement on the Manchester Terror Attack

We send our thoughts and love to all those who lost friends and family members on behalf of the young people leading on the European Commission’s Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) and the IARS Institute’s youth-led 99% Campaign.

We, wholeheartedly condemn this evil attack on our children, young people and innocent citizens.

We take the opportunity to remind all those in power that 99.99% of young people are leading successful and inspiring lives. Our evidence indicates that young people feel that they are living in a society with a democratic deficit perpetuated by economic downturn, fear of security and continuous marginalisation of selected communities. The role of civil society, which has long been underestimated, is now more vital than ever. It is our responsibility to stand strong and equip our youth with knowledge and skills that will enable them to fight fear, isolation, discrimination and the factors that lead to radicalisation and the loss of more innocent lives. This can only happen if we relinquish power to our youth and let them construct their own resilient, cohesive and inclusive societies.

Based on this youth-led philosophy and through YEIP, we call out to young people to join us in our efforts to create a youth-led, pan- European strategy to prevent violent radicalization and marginalisation.


Theo Gavrielides

IARS Institute Founder & Director

YEIP Coordinator


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