The Grenfell Tower Fire

The Grenfell Tower Fire

The Manchester attack, the London Bridge attack and the Grenfell Tower major fire are three one in a lifetime events in one month in the UK & London.  It’s extremely sad and distressing. As per the latest update 37 people are being treated in the hospital out of which 17 are under critical care, and 17 are reported to be dead. For latest update:

As much as these events bring an imbalance in our daily lives they somehow give us an opportunity to come together and act as a society. Quoting one of the victims, “I have lost everything in the fire all I have is what I am in”. But is that all he has? I don’t think so. He has us. He has me, you and he has that mini world with him which resides in London. London is a place which has embraced people from all walks of life. It represents multiculturalism and diversity which is hard to find anywhere else. I am an Indian who stays with Spaniards, work with Brazilians and Britons, and study with Greeks, Germans and French. What a social fabrication! But it is extremely ironic that despite living and cherishing such a heterogeneous society how after an attack a section of society has to prove their belongings to the society by raising funds or condemning the attacks done by some anti-social element. To be precise, I would draw the attention on the Manchester attack, and how proceeding it media was bombarded showcasing Muslims raising funds for the people. Having said this I don’t raise doubts on their helping spirit a pious soul, I raise doubts on the society which forces them to furnish evidences for their support for the society. Holy people, we respect you and proud to co- exist with you. Let us change the waves henceforth, and this time come together as proud residents of this society uncategorised as an Asian, Muslim, European or migrant and help our brethren. Let us show our fellow mates that they are not alone.

Many organisations have come upfront in this regard and doing some commendable job. Amidst all this, youth of the society is not lagging behind. Being responsible citizens they are showing immense support as well communicating a social message of solidarity in diversity. British Muslim Youth, an organisation led by a young Londoner Muhbeen Hussain has taken such a stand and came up with ‘One pound, one Londoner’ campaign which calls Londoner and not a part of it to help with a donation as minimal as one pound. One vote during elections is enough to reflect your participation in the decision making process likewise one pound is enough to reflect your share and care for the society. All it would take is one minute of your schedule to make one life changing donation! Please show your support:

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