A Letter from Young Entrepreneurs

Are you between the ages of 13-30? Do you have a new business idea? Do you want your business to reach people all over the world? Well, then you should look Eurodesk’s Time2Move Campaign and get your idea up and running in another country, because it is TIME2MOVE!

Time2Move is a campaign to help young entrepreneurs work, volunteer, and learn abroad. There are so many opportunities that young people can take advantage of to really boost their confidence in the professional world, and/or get started working in it. The benefit of doing is to become familiar with the host country’s economy and provide a mentor business in that country to learn from. It is a great way to form connections and collaborate abroad.

Additionally, by working with Erasmus’s Eurodesk many financial concerns can be taken care of from them. Eurodesk stresses that finding a place to stay, travel expenses, language, etc. should not stop young people from going and breaking out of his or her comfort zone- they are happy to help figure everything out. Going and making connections with people all over the world is the most important thing to do when trying to start a business abroad and Eurodesk does not want anything to get in the way.

Through the European Youth Portal, young entrepreneurs have access to the jobs available abroad and information about how to create his or her own company. The European Youth Portal has pledged to fight back against youth unemployment because there are so many opportunities abroad that many people do not know about. Whether it is an apprenticeship, traineeship, mentorship, or engaging in a start-up, every person’s experience is designed specifically for him or her to reach their full potential based on their interests and needs.

The IARS International Institute is also starting a project to help young entrepreneurs get involved globally. Via the up and coming project, SkillUp, they will be helping international young people connect with local UK businesses to be their mentors. This benefits both the young person and the business, because the young person gets to see how multiple companies are run in their country of interest. The businesses benefit from this because they get a new pair of eyes and another opinion from someone from a different culture than their own. It is a way for both parties to expand their knowledge and abilities to cater to more people all over the world.

Many young entrepreneurs do not know about all of these outlets that Eurodesk has for them to get linked in. This is why they are launching Time2Move! It is time for you, the young entrepreneurs of the world, to get the ideas out of your heads and into the world. We are ready for you!


Allison Phillips

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