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Attending university is not for everyone. There are a plethora of reasons explaining why a young person might see themselves as unfit to carry on with their education. These reasons range from financial instability to lack of motivation; however, they should not be permanently punished because they made this choice. All across the U.K. and Europe the number of young people dropping out of school is rising, and it is noticeable in the workplace. Young people bring fresh ideas to the table, they are typically fast learners, and are excited to work. Their absence is strongly felt. But getting back into the workforce after dropping out is getting increasingly more difficult because companies only want young people that have loads of experience. The conundrum then becomes how do these young people who do not have degrees but want to get involved entrepreneurship do it? Well, they can drop into Drop-In.

IARS International Institute in the U.K., MKOP in Greece, InEuropa in Italy, CARDET in Cyprus, and The Schottener Foundation Social Services in Romania have teamed up to create a strategic partnership to help these Early School Leavers (ESLs). Drop-In is an e-training and networking platform that helps train young people that do not have proper degrees. Each course is tailored to the exact needs of the young person who is taking it. Additionally, it will supply these young people with the contacts of companies that are hiring. It is easy to manage and can be done on the young person’s own time. Plus, since it is offered in many countries, it is easy for young people to travel the world as well as take their online courses.

Drop-In is still in the works, but should be up and running later this month. IARS International Institute’s Youth Project Coordinator, Emily Lanham, is looking for people who want to get involved with the project. If you are interested in either working with her or potentially signing up for the Drop-In e-training courses please email her at e.lanham@iars.org.uk. It is a great way for young people to make their voices heard and it gives them the ability to have a second chance! So, do not worry if you have dropped out, because you can Drop-In!


Allison Phillips


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