It is TimeToVolunteer Abroad!


Are you not quite sure what the next step in your life should be? Are you studying something you are not passionate about? Or do you need a break from the daily grind? Then you sound the like perfect candidate to volunteer abroad through Erasmus+. EuroDesk, a sector of Erasmus+, is spending the entire month of October promoting their #TimeToMove Campaign, and they want YOU to volunteer with them.

Volunteering abroad is a great way to do something beyond you. It is an opportunity to make and see a change in the world in a very hands-on environment. Not only is it a great way to travel, but it is the perfect way to learn how other cultures operate. It will give insight to how people function elsewhere. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to make friends all over the world and build lasting connections with people who have similar interests as you.

Eurodesk offers many amazing volunteering opportunities all over Europe. Whether you want to go to venture to somewhere that speaks a different language, has a different climate, or is close to home, there are options. They also make it very financially accessible. There are both scholarships and grants that any young person between the ages of 15 and 30 can apply for. Trip durations can last anywhere between 2 and 6 months based on the volunteer’s comfort level.

The Eurodesk website also connects interested volunteers with current and past ones. This opens up communication for you to get in touch with people who have been in your shoes.

It is completely okay not to know what direction you want to take in your life when you are a young person. There are options to help guide you down a less foggy road, and volunteering is one of them!

So, what are you waiting for? It is #TimeToMove. It is time to grow and develop your skills and expand your comfort zone to the borders of the EU and beyond.

Click here to access EuroDesk’s Volunteer Opportunities!

Click here to access EuroDesk’s #TimeToMove Campaign!

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