Dynamix Skatepark – An alternative way of challenging ideas

What has a skatepark got to do with promoting Afrikan Sheroes and Heroes? Not much you would imagine… but Dynamix skatepark are doing exactly that, and they’re doing it in the North-East at their base in Gateshead.

Dynamix Skatepark is much more than a skate park, with a vision to actively engage and collaborate with their local community (as well as further afield) to offer alternatives to the status quo of traditional thinking, learning, and creating. Throughout this autumn Dynamix will be rolling out a project to challenge people’s thinking  by focusing on Sheroes and Heroes of Afrikan Heritage.

Dynamix’s Creative Director, Rosa Stourac McCreery, outlines their aim “to celebrate Sheroes and Heroes of Afrikan Heritage, and to explore the means by which we can actively challenge racism today, and change the narratives about the history of racism, colonialism and power, which takes the form of a number of events, workshops, and new spaces.”

From the end of the month onwards Dynamix will be putting on a number of events including a production of The Tempest (28th October), an exhibition with the Ghanaian-British mural artist – Dreph, a workshop with Akala’s Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company, and much more.

If you’re in the North-East over the next few months get along and get involved! If you’re interested in the work done by Dynamix have a look at their website, and in particular the wider vision for the organisation as much more than just a skatepark. In our current climate non-traditional service providers are likely to become the active agents for change in our communities, and Dynamix are already taking steps to do so.

See the flyer for The Tempest below and find out how to get tickets here.

Tempest Flyer – Dynamix – 99% by IARS_Publications on Scribd

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