Call For Papers: 99% Magazine Looking For Young Writers

Are you between the ages of 16-30? Are you passionate about issues facing young people today and interested in getting your voice heard? The 99% Campaign Magazine is looking for writers for its annual issue! We are especially looking for young people who are interested in writing about topics such as; youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and employability, youth radicalisation, the issues facing young carers, equality and anti-discrimination, and the impact of Brexit on young people.

The 99% Campaign Magazine is a unique youth-led magazine promoting the positive and creative contributions of young people. By providing a platform where young people are able to express themselves and write about issues that face young people today, the 99% Campaign Magazine aims to make society more inclusive, fair and responsive to young people’s views and realities.

If you are interested and would like to contribute, please send a 1000-2500 word article to We also welcome other creative contributions (e.g. interviews, poems or photoshoots).



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