“Abused No More: Safeguarding Youth and Empowering Professionals”

Abused No More

The ‘Abused no More: Safeguarding Youth and Empowering Professionals’ (AnM) is a ground breaking, evidence based e-book written within the framework of Erasmus + Key Action 2 for Youth. The book was written within a 3 year youth led programme that aimed to create, support, develop and serve a strategic partnership in the area of youth-led training, educational and awareness raising activities that will allow better integration of marginalised youth, particularly those from migrant groups, and with an emphasis on gender based violence.

The e-book brings evidence from the UK, Poland, Cyprus, Romania and Italy while analyzing the emergent findings in a comparative perspective for Europe. The legal literacy of marginalised youth at risk of social exclusion was assessed while particular emphasis was put on different types of abuse faced by young migrant women.

The eBook features a comparative chapter reviewing current practice across Europe as well as chapters in Greek, Italian and Polish. Recommendations for future policy  and practice are formulated to help protect this particularly marginalised group of young people.

Over the last 3 years, professionalsyoung people and LGBT migrants have benefited from freely available, tailored online training tools and resources resulting from both projects. The tools aim to increase users’ knowledge and confidence as well as to strengthen professionals’ capacity in providing tailored and successful services.




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