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Inspired by Humans of New York. Photography by Joe Newman. You can follow Young London on Tumblr and Facebook.


“I don’t care about politics in the grand scheme of things the poor man gonna be poor. What the government should do is fix the bloody hole in the ceiling here!”


“I prefer film photography! I love the excitement and satisfaction of waiting for my photographs.”


“I found my Guru in India but now I live in London with my friend.”

Do you find London a spiritual place?

“Yes it’s spiritualness is in it’s diversity.”


“This is my favourite spot in London, I come here to sit, think and write.”

What annoys you about London?

“The ignorance.”

Are you political?

“It doesn’t matter, to me they’re all wankers. The problem is London is too full! My sister has been on the housing list for 10 years! They do nothing.”