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Inspired by Humans of New York. Photography by Joe Newman. You can follow Young London on Tumblr and Facebook.


21, Painter

“I am a painter but I feel I spend more time promoting my work online then I actually do painting. It’s all about getting your stuff online now and networking. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. You have to do it to get noticed, it’s just so competitive in London for artists and networking is vital.”

What kind of stuff do you paint?

“I use oil paints mainly and work around themes of mythology and nature, my work can range from pieces that are around 4 foot high that take 6 months or smaller pictures that take only a couple of weeks.”

What do you prefer working on smaller or larger paintings?

“Definitely small. With the longer pieces you have much more time with them which means you constantly try and perfect the work and it is very hard to stop. With the shorter pieces you tend to be more content.” 

20, Traveller

“Hi, I’m Bruno from South Korea. I’m traveling Europe with my Didgeridoo. Enjoy my music and have a nice day!”

  22, Ice Cream Vendor                 

What is the best thing about being an ice cream man?

“Well, it used to be eating ice cream.”

Why used to be?

“I got bored of constantly eating the same flavours.”


21, Fashion Student

“I’m from Sydney and when I came here in January it was the first time I had seen snow! I just kept on making snow angels, I loved it.”

What do you like about London?

“Well I love fashion so I really enjoyed the V&A.”

Is London a fashionable city?

“Yes, but you guys are much more reserved than places like Paris. In Paris it’s just not possible to overdress.”

Is it OK If I take a photo of you for the blog?

“Yes but make sure you get the bag in!”