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Warm greetings to my fellow young people, as well as other readers! I would like to share with you my experience as I went abroad for my first work trip at the The IARS International Institute. Recently, I had the tremendous fortune of travelling to and attend the Promyse staff training event in Vilnius, Lithuania. […]

Young Carers Conference: Barriers to Employment

On Monday 26th March at Dulwich Library, 5pm-7pm, the IARS International Institute is hosting the conference Young Carers: Barriers to Employment.  At the conference, the IARS will present the findings of their year long project ”Young Carers Matter” and engage young carers and professionals to discuss the findings and share their experiences. The ”Young Carers Matter” project was designed […]

Call For Papers: 99% Magazine Looking For Young Writers

Are you between the ages of 16-30? Are you passionate about issues facing young people today and interested in getting your voice heard? The 99% Campaign Magazine is looking for writers for its annual issue! We are especially looking for young people who are interested in writing about topics such as; youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and […]

Drop Into Drop-In!

Attending university is not for everyone. There are a plethora of reasons explaining why a young person might see themselves as unfit to carry on with their education. These reasons range from financial instability to lack of motivation; however, they should not be permanently punished because they made this choice. All across the U.K. and […]

British Response to Hurricane Irma

After a week of destruction, Britain is finally starting the process of helping the victims of Irma in the Caribbean. However, because the Islands are not eligible for the aid budget funds, we must not forget about them and motivate everybody to actively raise money to help our fellow Brits to return to a state of normality.

Celebrating European Youth Week by Changing Mind-sets

Celebrating European Youth Week by Changing Mind-sets

1-7 May is European Youth Week, and the IARS International Institute, the leading UK youth-led social policy charity is pleased to disseminate the findings from the 5th IARS Annual International Conference: Youth-led Solutions to Unemployment, the Voices of young marginalised carers” which was held on the 27th April 2017. The Erasmus+ co-funded conference, hosted at the Honourable Society […]