Teen Violence


Violence as a disease – have we found a cure?

Gordon Ramsay’s latest television project ‘Gordon Behind Bars’ (available on 4OD) has taught us several things, firstly, that impatient t.v. chefs and heavy security protocols don’t mix, secondly, that leaving ten convicted burglars to decorate fairy cakes can produce hilarious results, but most importantly that prisons that offer rehabilitation and education programmes for their inmates, […]

Youth crime levels fall yet fear of youth crime rising*

The Curious Case of British (and Luxembourgian) Prison Rates At first glance, the UK’s prison population hardly seems to warrant alarm and societal introspection. With 151 inmates per 100,000 members of the population[1] (including Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), the UK’s incarceration rate matches the average custody figures of its global peers in the Organisation […]