99% Campaign Editorial Board

Luke Rix-Standing

Editor, 22

Katie Wetherall

Writer, 21

Brendan  Welch

Writer, 27

Jack Bellamy

Writer, 22

Olivia Williams

Writer, 20

—Olivia Williams

Imogen Malpas

Writer, 20

Adele Fraser

Writer, 21

Frank Kibble

Writer, 23

Eileen Gbagbo

Writer/Poet, 17

Lucy Thompson

Writer, 20

HarryHarry Blain Editor in Chief “I studied International Relations at the University of Sydney, and am now studying conflict and peace-building at the London School of Economics. I’m interested in global protest movements and political activism in the UK. I am a regular contributor for ShoutOut UK and aim to use journalism and independent research to give voice to alternative visions of the British government’s role in the world and relationship with its citizens.”

JackJack Welch Creative Associate “I am a graduate in English and Creative Writing from the University of Winchester, which has allowed me to develop stronger comprehension of critical thinking and writing. Having volunteered across a diverse range of projects and voluntary roles within well-known youth organisations, such as vInspired and NCVYS, I feel I have a good sense of the challenges where young people are still victims of problems which are largely not of their own fault. Working with the 99% Campaign, I believe their campaigning and efforts provide an alternative voice for this generation can make a real difference and can do so in communities across the country.”

Shakiesha Beckford Creative Associate ‘Aloha! Msharkeishay name is Shakiesha, I am an undergraduate Sociology student at LSE. I am primarily interested in the multitudinous inequalities young people face in today’s society. However, I am particularly interested in poverty, crime and discrimination. I intend to raise awareness of some of the issues young people face, in the hope that they can begin to be eradicated; this is my long-term goal.  Working with the 99% Campaign, will give me the tools needed to achieve my aforementioned goals and make a positive difference to the lives of those that are subjected to various forms of inequality and marginalised in society.’

georgieGeorgie Grainger Creative Associate I’m a photojournalist and filmmaker. I document people’s stories through the lens to create awareness about different issues that affect society. I am currently working on a project about unemployment and volunteering.

—Georgie Grainger

image003Andre Demushi Campaign Activist I am 19 years of age and studying law and the University of Greenwich. From my early teens, I have been involved in several socio- economic and socio-political campaigns with the objective to better society for everyone. I began working on the IARS 99% Project at the beginning of 2013 and recently signed up to their Youth Advisory Board to give a perspective from young a person to IARS.

image008Lorela Demushi Campaign Activist I am studying for BSc BioMedical Science and have held Director positions for two charitable organisations. I’m also the Vice Chair of the board of trustees of Shpresa Programme where I have the role as the youth leader. Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked on campaigns such as “Ending Child Detainment” both at local and national level. I am passionate about giving young people a voice and a positive image.

alex-mcdonaldAlex McDonald Former Editor-in-Chief. A postgraduate student at Kings College London. “I am Editor-in Chief for the 99% Campaign Blog and enjoy writing about a wide selection of topics, particularly sport, travel, technology, politics and current affairs. I hope the 99% Campaign will give me a greater opportunity to write about and research more serious issues.”


Kristina Harris Social Media Outreach 

Currently studying Political Science & Public Service at the University of Pittsburgh where I am a part of the Association of University Women  and Pittsburgh College Democrats. I hope by expanding the outreach of the 99% Campaign I am able to increase the awareness of the campaign itself and help more young people understand their profound worth & ability.”

goknurGöknur Former Outreach Coordinator “Hi I’m Göknur – a 22 year old, classical music addict and recent graduate in International Relations and Politics. During my time at university I was engaged in a wide variety of projects with a focus on positive social change, specifically in the area of environment and education. My interest in political representation, social issues, equality and human rights has led me to volunteer and contribute to IARS and the 99% Campaign.”


ellie-bioEllie Former Creative Associate” I am a recent History graduate of the University of Southampton and an aspiring journalist/editor. Currently Creative Associate for the 99% Campaign, I relish the opportunity to voice my opinions, as well as those of other young people, on issues that matter.”


maxwellMaxwell Former Creative Associate “I am a 23 year old Graphic Communication graduate, eager to apply my existing and developing journalistic/campaign skills to my deep interest in current affairs and the important efforts of the 99% Campaign. As such, I value the opportunity that 99% gives me to express my views on social issues that affect young people through the 99% blog and engage with them through other campaign projects. In the future I hope to continue a career in campaigning or journalism. Outside my interest in current affairs I also have a strong passion for cinema, enjoy following my football team and listening to classic rock.”


Laura WhittallLaura Whittall Former Researcher “I am a researcher and have a keen interest in a variety of social issues and particularly how these are played out in the everyday lives of young people. I recently set up The Curiosity Project which is an initiative to creatively apply a variety of curious ideas to explore our social worlds.”

—Laura Whittall

davidfungDavid Fung Former Researcher “Hi, I’m David from University of California, Davis. Growing up in the information age, I’ve witness the power of social media and the amount of positive impact it can have on our world. I believe in the parable of the starfish, where each person can make a difference. Through this blog, I hope to contribute my part in shaping the future of today’s young people.”

—David Fung

laurenceLaurence Griffin Former Creative Associate “As a young person who has grown up in the countryside in Northern England, inspiration has been all around me. I have been in a fortunate position to have witnessed first hand all corners of British society and how we as individuals can help shape its future, for the better. From my travels all around the UK, I wanted to join the 99% Campaign as there are many elements about British society that I am proud of and also not proud of. I know change can happen if we as individuals put our minds to it. I will always be proud of my country, but I know it can be so much better than it already is!”

—Laurence Griffin

holly_whittakerHolly Whittaker Former Outreach Coordinator My name is Holly and I’m 18 years old, currently completing A-Levels in Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. I joined the 99% Campaign as I wanted the chance to report on matters that concern me and other young people that are rarely heard about. I love music, photography, fashion and Quentin Tarantino movies

image002_editedSafoora Ahmed Former Mentor I believe in the next generation of leaders and the positive change we can bring, whether that be a listening ear or instigating genuine effective change in our lives and the people around us. We all need to be proactive in our world to not just be a generation of critics but proactively lead and instigate change from a grassroots level. I believe that the 99% Campaign is a great platform in getting together like-minded young individuals to make long lasting impact in our communities and society as a whole.

—Safoora Ahmed

_MG_3284Joseph Newman Former Photographer “I am London based photojournalist who graduated from Leeds University in 2013. I saw the 99% Campaign through The Guardian and felt the cause really spoke to me. I am currently working on the 99% Campaign magazine board with a special project taking portraits of young Londoners. Check out my website at joenewmanphoto.tumblr.com.”

—Joseph Newman

IMAG0475[1]Mujtaba Ahmed Former Creative Associate
I am Mujtaba and alongside my commitments with The 99% Campaign, I am a filmmaker, actor, poet, writer and student. I joined the campaign in 2013 in order to help project the voice of a lost generation, reminding the world of the 99% of youth trying to achieve their personal goals, despite the stereotypes being placed against them.

Stella_BlogStella Kanggi Cai Former Community Researcher “I am Stella, a postgraduate student at LSE, doing Comparative Politics. As a new comer in London, I am fascinated by the inclusiveness of this city, but I am also aware that there is much to be done. I am very interested in the study of nationalism and the question of how people, young people in particular, identify with their communities. I care about politics, and more about people. It would be my great pleasure to share my ideas with you. Let’s  think deep and work hard, to make our communities “home” for everyone.”

ben_blogHi, I’m Ben and I’ll be writing on topical issues affecting young people with a view to offering a fresh perspective, hopefully with the help of your input. I’m currently in my last year of Sixth Form and have recently been through the traumatic experience that was the university application process, so I’ll be particularly focusing on that area if only as a means of therapy!


denise_picHi my name is Denise and I’m 22. I’m very interested in the Criminal Justice System and the way that individuals can bring about social change. I would like to help empower young people to talk about issues surrounding youth and to make their voices heard by society. I have a lot of passion for Dance and I have trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and House. I enjoy travelling and I like going to the theatre and listening to music.


calvinMy name is Calvin McLeish and I am 22 years old. Current Affairs stimulates my pursuits, and consequently led me to the 99% Campaign. Unfortunately, the youth voice is an oppressed one within the media, and so needs support in order to generate a drive that will cultivate youth awareness. Currently my status as student has morphed into volunteer-junkie. At present, I canvass for the Labour Party, volunteer as administrator at the Big Issue Foundation, and towards the near future, will be a Service Desk Representative for the Metropolitan Police. ”Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing” (Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900).


isabel1My name is Isabel. I am a theatre graduate with experience in community theatre & theatre with young offenders I have recently been working with NACRO and volunteering for IARS, researching serious youth violence on the London Transport Network. I am particularly interested in art practices in prisons, young people in London and the criminal justice system. I also love being outside, Batman,photography, minstrels and making people laugh.


lubna2My name is Lubna. I am studying Product Design and currently I’m working on my self-initiated project which is about how design can challenge the preconceptions surrounding youths. I am looking at how the news media demonise youth and cause the application/production of stereotypes. I think that it is important to talk about the representation of youth, especially in regards to media, as so many people base their own opinion on what the media report, be it true or false. I designed all of the branding for the 99% blog, I hope you like it!


natasha1Natasha is interested in politics, art, culture, current affairs and social issues as well as legal research and human rights. She has recently become more interested in equality, youth justice and prison law in the UK. Since discovering her passion for journalism and interviewing people she has become a volunteer and contributor to IARS and the 99% blog. Natasha also has her own blog: http://tashalaw.wordpress.com/


andrewAndrew is a student and a serene yet passionate observer of human rights developments continually unfolding around the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. He has been all about seizing the moment and living life to its fullest. From living as an American in Syria to volunteering in the South Pacific and skydiving over the Fiji Islands he enjoys maximising his opportunities as they come. He’s a human rights fanatic and enjoys sharing ideas and opinions with others and loves learning about different subject matters and taking on new challenges.


stefaniaMy name is Stefania. I am very interested in human rights, justice and gender studies. I have a passion for journalism, writing and for working for the non-profit sector. I have also studied music and I love playing the piano and singing. In my free time, I enjoy writing for my own blog, singing in a choir, watching films and listening to music.


img_2741001Martha Everitt is a playwright and screenwriter with an interest in issues of social inequality. In 2012 her short play “March” was produced and she spent some time training under the BBC. She uses writing as a tool to affect social and political engagement, primarily among young people.


montseHi readers! My name is Montse. I am half journalist and half graphic designer and the media is my passion. My hobbies are photography and traveling. I am involved in the 99% Campaign project because I want to feel more alive being the voice of  young people.


ana-sofiaAna-Sofia is currently on a gap year, having survived the grueling exams of Upper Sixth. With her International Baccalaureate out the way, she now has the time to pursue her interest in journalism and write about politics and international relations; particularly focusing on South America, gender issues and education. After the new year, she will begin work abroad, mostly in South America, which she hopes will give her new perspectives on the challenges facing young people and, crucially, on how these issues can best be confronted.


ruthHi everyone! My name is Ruth Martin. I’m a Journalist graduate of the University of Madrid (Spain). I came to the UK to have a chance in my field. So I’m currently working for IARS because young people need a chance,they need to be heard. We are the new generation, a generation in touch with the world. Would you like to join us?