Alex and Luca
Alex- 22 & Luca- 25
“I came to Bristol to study illustration. I didn’t really enjoy my degree I found it boring, but now that I’ve finished I want to get back into it again. Each day I say I’m going to find a job but there’s so much to do here that I keep getting distracted. I think I need a routine. However, it’s great” -Alex
“I’ve been in Bristol for nearly nine years on and off I would always come back for festivals and then end up staying for a least a year.” -Luca
What do you like about Bristol?
“The fact that there’s loads of independent shops Gloucester road is full of them. Everywhere these days seems to be full of chains like Costa and Starbucks, which is putting independent shops out of business.  There’s also an amazing party scene here we’ve just had St Paul’s Carnival and in the summer there are street parties going on nearly everyday. The mayor started this thing called keep Sunday special, where they shut down the streets in the centre of Bristol and have live music and food stalls.” -Luca
“There were massive riots and protests about Tesco’s and Costa being put in because the community didn’t want them. Unfortunately, it still happened anyway, however it’s nice that everyone stood up together to fight against it.” -Alex

lucy final

Lucy- 21

“I’ve been living in Bristol for three years and I’m studying medicine. I hope to become a doctor when I graduate but for now I’m going with the flow.”

What’s it like renting in Bristol?

“I’m originally from London and I am shocked at how expensive it is to rent there now. In Stocks Croft you can rent a massive house with a garden and pay £300 a month each. It would be difficult for me to move back to London because the rent is not affordable and buying is nearly impossible, it’s feels as though all the cool alternative stuff gets pushed out because of gentrification, where as in Bristol the creative stuff is at the heart of the city.”

Jess and Deirdre
Jess & Deirdre- 21
“We’ve both been living in Bristol for three years. I’ve just finished studying Fine art and Jess has just finished her Psychology Degree.” -Deirdre
Are you worried about finding work now that you have finished you degrees?
“I work in a café in St Nicks Market, now that I’ve finished uni I’m going to work there full time. I like my job because I finish early, which gives me time to concentrate on creative projects.” -Deirdre
“I work in a pub on Gloucester road. I’ve upped my hours to full time. I’m going to keep working there until I find my true calling.” -Jess
What are your favourite things about Bristol?
“Everyone’s always smiling which makes me smile.” -Jess