ladies (2)

Born and Bred Bristolians

Harriet- 21,  Amy- 21, Megan-21, Raina- 20

What do you enjoy about Bristol?

“When I was younger I really enjoyed the party scene, I found it really fun and exciting. Now that I’m older I really enjoy its location. I can cycle for half an hour and I’m in the countryside.”-Megan

“I like the fact that it’s alternative and diverse. It’s big enough that there’s always something going on and each area is completely fresh with a different atmosphere. There is definitely a great sense of community.” -Harriet

“The people are so friendly. You can go into a pub on your own and chat to anyone. Everyone here is a really proud Bristolian.” -Amy

“I like how multi-cultural it is you can get lots of different types of food. It’s a vibrant creative city that breeds creative individuals.” -Raina

What are the negatives?

“I worked for a charity that’s based in St Paul’s working with getting sex workers off the street. 95% of them are drug addicts. I don’t think enough people are aware of what goes on. There’s a massive party vibe and there are loads of drugs floating around, which means that there are a lot of drug addicts and users.” -Megan


Matthew- 23

“Since I was thirteen I’ve been living in Bristol. My degree is in Business and Marketing. I have also been working at Costa coffee part time for six years. It is mind numbingly boring and you don’t gain anything from it. No one wants to do it we’re only doing it to make ends meet; you could train a chimp to do it. There’s nothing remotely creative about it. I went for a job interview today for a role in digital marketing working with universities and International students’, figures crossed I’ll get it.”

What are your thoughts on homelessness and the housing crisis?

“It’s terrible to think how many homeless people there are when there are so many empty properties in Bristol and in the U.K. I was told that they are now putting up spikes around the edges of parks so that homeless people can’t get inside, which I think is ridiculous. Everyone should have the right to be able to sit in the park, and if you are homeless most of the time you don’t have any other options.”

Emma- 17

“I lived in Nigeria until I was three and then I moved to Bristol and I’ve been living here ever since.”

Where do you work?

“I work part time at Dutty, which is an independent clothing brand and shop. Outside of working at Dutty I’m a freelance journalist and photographer.”

Do you think you will apply to Uni?

“I’ve produced my own digital magazine that has been quiet successful so rather than going to uni I’m going to concentrate on producing my second issue – while doing that I hope to intern and build up my connections.”