We are looking for young people (16-25) to write articles, news stories and opinion pieces that will seek to promote the positive contributions that young people make to society, and cover issues that bear directly on young people’s lives.

You may wish to write posts about how individuals/groups have dealt with adversity, or about the misrepresentation of young people in the media. We also welcome opinion pieces on social and political issues that impact on the lives of young people.

We would like to see interviews with young people about their experiences, as well as video logs, discussions and photography. If you have been engaged in a positive activity/community project or one of IARS’ research projects then you can also write a blog about your experiences.

On top of this, we welcome volunteers who are interested in helping to maintain the blog and coordinate the other volunteer journalists.

As part of the 99% Editorial and Journalism team you can contribute in some (or all) of the following ways:

  • Writing articles, news stories and opinion pieces to be published on the 99% blog;
  • Conducting interviews (by pen or video) that can be uploaded on the 99% blog;
  • Taking part in video discussions that can also be published as part of the blog;
  • Meeting as an editorial team to make decisions about content for the blog.

The 99% Campaign is partnered with the Metro, Kiss FM and other media partners.

We have a few rough guidelines for contributors:

Format: We want to include a wide range of different media; not only written articles, but also video logs, pictures, artwork, interviews, debates, and others.

Content: Pieces can, and should, address any issue about the lives of young people, and their role in society. This could include: pressures and challenges that young people face today, misrepresentation in the media, stories of positive involvement in society, all sorts of social and political issues: such as the 2011 riots, student debt, police powers, crime, education and countless others.

Style: While posts may well be exploring complex issues, they do not need to try to appear neutral or objective. We are more interested in balanced reports of course, but also bold, opinionated pieces that can be made easily understandable to anyone.

Regarding length, feel free to devote as much space as you think the issue needs (within the context of it being part of a blog). As with the rest of these guidelines, we are happy to get in touch, offer feedback and discuss possible changes if need be.

We will not accept submissions containing offensive or discriminatory content or language.

We want to publish all posts if possible, but we may contact you to discuss changes if your post does not fit within the guidelines above.

To submit content or find out more, contact 99percentcampaign@iars.org.uk