With the success of our “Young London” photo-blog, we wanted more pictures from across the UK.

Photographer, Nicola Stead has now presented us with a “Northern perspective” by giving us photos of her home in Greater Manchester.

Nicola has a passion for social photography and documenting “real life and real people”. She is currently working for the BBC, where she has been a celebrity guest photographer and has captured the likes of Bradley Cooper, Backstreet Boys and Ed Sheeran.

Watch this space for more “Young Manchester”  and check out Nicola’s  Facebook page here.

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Vincent – 24

What’s been the happiest moment of your life?

“I don’t know, you don’t generally remember the happiest ones do you.
When I turned 14 I had to look after my younger brother so I haven’t had many chances to go out and have fun, you know what I mean. When I was in college and looking after my brother, my grandma died and I had to try and look after the house while they were trying to sell it from underneath us, so I kind of got on with it, do all what you can do really. I’m a trainee chef now as since my grandma died I had a passion for cooking but I have a degree in IT as well.”

Jaymie & Emily – 18

“Life is getting a bit rubbish right now” – Jaymie
“We both struggle with mental illness and we’re both coping through that.” – Emily
“We’re helping each other to kinda get through…” – Jaymie

Maariyah – 17

“I love skating. It is really exciting when you put your blades on, you just feel free and I love that feeling.”