In this 3rd edition a  compilation of articles, news, poetry and youth photojournalism projects. The 99% Campaign Magazine, provides a platform for young people to express their stories, views and experiences about issues affecting their daily lives, with the intention of stimulating social action, and influencing key public figures in the media and governments. This entirely youth-led and youth focused work represents their real voices and their aspirations to create a fairer future for themselves and their peers from diverse backgrounds.

The 99% Campaign Magazine (3nd Edition)

The 2nd Edition of the 99% Campaign Magazine  is a unique youth led magazine collecting the best articles written about young people on topics impacting on them. The magazine aims to dispel the negative stereotypes of young people by giving them a platform where they can express themselves and issues affecting them. Designed, written and published by young people as part of the youth led 99% Campaign, funded by the Nominet Trust.

The 99% Campaign Magazine (2nd Edition)

The 99% Campaign Magazine is a collection of the best articles of the 99% Campaign blog. It is the unique work of an incredibly talented team of 10 young volunteers that worked with passion and commitment to deliver the Magazine. The 99% Campaign Magazine is also part of the 99% Campaign E project. As part of a two-year Nominet funded project, we will use digital technology and proven youth-led engagement and training methods to expose influential public figures to the real-life experiences of young people from diverse backgrounds.