99% Campaign Policy Statement – Youth Employment: Failing Today’s Youth

99% Campaign Policy Statement – Youth Employment: Failing Today’s Youth


2.16m people are currently unemployed in the UK, and nearly 40%, or 853,000 of these are aged 16-24. The 99% Campaign has decided to target youth unemployment as its newest campaign. The team decided that this was an issue which demanded commitment to a long-term solution, not just because of its stubbornness over the past years, but as an issue which affects the majority of young Brits. We know that high levels of unemployment can be the start of other social problems. Political apathy, homelessness and spouts of depression are some of the symptoms which emerge when equality of opportunity is denied.

On top of this, with the General Elections next year, fresh ideas and new policies are in high demand by each political party as they vie for public approval. We aim to take advantage of this situation and have set ourselves a mission: to gather the voices of young people and communicate their experiences to policymakers. The final product is the 99% Campaign policy statement, found below.

We have already discussed the statement with a number of politicians including, Baroness Estelle Morris (former Minister for Education) and Sarah Champion MP, and have several meetings in the coming weeks and months to look forward to. The interest has been high and we hope that we can continue to develop the document to create a solid piece of research to influence policy.

Youth Employment -Failing Today’s Youth
Youth Employment -Failing Today’s Youth
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