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Editorial policy

Our Three Core Values

Be wary of the language you use to get across your opinion. Try to maintain a polite and respectful tone to your work. Remember there is a difference between being opinionated and being insulting

Empowering those that do not have a voice; our goal is to get as many young people involved with our project as possible, from all different backgrounds and walks of life

Just because you do not necessarily agree with something, does not mean it is not valid. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion be accepting of diversity


  • Assert your views and opinions
  • Be creative
  • Engage in debate
  • Bear in mind the counter argument how can you knock it down? Are any of the opposing arguments valid?

  • Do not use offensive or foul language e.g. expletives or derogatory terms
  • Avoid the ‘isms’: racism, sexism, ageism, classism…
  • Avoid using slang
  • Steer clear of images that might be disturbing or offensive