99% Campaign Editorial Board



30, Saint Petersburg, Russia federation.

My name is Andrei Vokuev and I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I am passionate about justice and supporting others in finding opportunities to reach their full potential.  I wish to actively participate in social problem-solving. I would like to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society- regardless of race, color or religion, gender or sexuality.

I feel my skills can be put to great use here. Additionally, I am developing two web sites and implementing CiviCRM at our organization.

I was an active participant in conferences:
“The Many States of Activism” at Electric Cinema, Google Academy
8th IARS annual international conference.
Erasmus+ Youth Empowerment and innovation project
“Addressing violent youth radicalization in Europe.”

I have volunteered in the UK under the Erasmus +. European Voluntary Service in October 2018. Also, I have been a volunteer in Germany in December 2018. I am excited to join IARS to help make a difference!

Jaala Piloni

ESC Volunteer

My name is Jaala and I am Brazilian and Italian. My volunteer activities include Greenpeace and WWF because I like taking care of nature and the environment. I consider myself serious, curious but also a little stubborn young lady. My hobbies are dance, art, and cinema. Unfortunately, I still don’t know what I want to do but definitely I will be in the middle of people from different countries and speak more languages. I believe that from the diversity of each nation there is always so much to learn.

I am convinced that by doing this internship and having gained more work and personal experience, I will become a stronger, more mature and self-confident woman.


Rome, Italy, 23

Agnes Mistea

Events Inter 20

When I finished my BA like a social worker,  I would like to learn more, so I studying now criminology at Humgary. From my studies, I learned many things about people (people with disabilities, deviances, prisoners, discriminated, violence and victimization) and how can we help them in theory and in practice. I am looking forward to use these skills and learn much more in my internship at IARS. My interests were addiction, abuse, violence, criminal law, innocence and proving, restorative justice, GDPR and DNA biobanks. I am open-minded and glad for any opportunities what I can have.

Pria Kang

Researh and policy intern, 20

Research and Policy Intern

I have recently graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and I’m seeking to pursue a career which will accentuate my passion for social research, social policy, social change and social justice. My interests include tackling social, gender, racial and criminal injustice within society. Throughout my time internship, I hope to develop my qualitative and quantitative research skills. I am excited to work at the IARS, identifying and addressing social issues that permeate modern-day, contributing to social policy development and empowering marginalised communities – paving the way for a fairer, safer and more inclusive society.

Yewande Ogunjimi

Writer, 21

My Name is Yewande Ogunjimi; recently graduated with a Bsc psychology degree which has helped me build my interest in social and environmental research that will be beneficiary to the young population. Through this intern, I currently look forward to applying my theoretical learning from my previous research projects to practical situations. This will be a project that will help me to learn the benefits of available services to the youth and an understanding of how social policies have affected some young people’s mental health and capacity. Hopefully with this intern, I can embrace my skill, realize my full potential and take responsibility for my workloads and activities.

Emily Cristofouru

Writer, 23

My name is Emily and Chemical Engineer graduate at Patras University, Greece.

I am a positive person, eager to learn new things and very motivated to gain new and different experiences and new skills through non formal methods.

I am really motivated to help others in need in the frame of social activities and I want to contribute in the development and empowerment of young people in the society without  any discrimination.

That is the reason I chose to be part of IARS team as a volunteer , because the institute aims are meeting with mine in a great level!

My name is Emily and Chemical Engineer graduate at Patras University, Greece.

I am a positive person, eager to learn new things and very motivated to gain new and different experiences and new skills through non formal methods.

I am really motivated to help others in need in the frame of social activities and I want to contribute in the development and empowerment of young people in the society without  any discrimination.

That is the reason I chose to be part of IARS team as a volunteer , because the institute aims are meeting with mine in a great level!

Daisy Nobes 

Writer/Poet, 17

I am a Sociology student completing my third year at the University of Greenwich and in doing so, taking on an intern role at the IARS organisation as part of my work placement.  During the time spent here, I hope to expand my already existing knowledge about the government and the systems that run throughout society, and how they help or hinder our lives depending on how we relate to various social factors. I have an innate passion for social justice and the ongoing fight for equality amongst all who inhabit this society. I want to work within the community, potentially in prisons or social work, helping to rehabilitate offenders and prevent the chance of them reoffending. We as a society can hope to do this by working with them to locate the source of the reason as to why they turned to crime. This is far more effective than ostracising them and punishing them further for their crimes. I am most interested in obtaining a career in the justice system, social work or a mental health unit.

James Mayers-Antiaye 

Writer, 20

I’m an Economics graduate with a keen interest in social research and policy. I have a background of working in accounting but now I’m hoping to develop my knowledge of research methods and techniques while interning at IARS. I also hope to gain a stronger understanding of justice, youth and equality issues. I’m thoroughly looking forward to interning at IARS as I feel it’s going to be a great opportunity to learn while also allowing me to contribute to projects, which are having a positive impact on our society.

Amanada Blackhurst
Editor in Chief
Amanda is originally from Southern California. She recently finished her Master’s degree in Human Rights at Goldsmiths. For the past three years, she has participated in assisting refugee and asylum-seeking communities in Greece, the U.S., and the UK. She is passionate about the empowerment of marginalized and underserved communities through capacity building, user-led, and rights-based approaches. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Fordham University, where she majored in International Studies and minored in Humanitarian Studies. In the future, she hopes to continue working in the field of human rights through research, advocacy, and policy.

Nimo Mohamed

Nimo Mohamed is currently a MSc Emerging Economies and international Development student at King’s College London. She previously studied BA History and Arabic at SOAS, University of London where she spent a year studying and working in Egypt. She has experience in the third sector working primarily with NGO’s both in the UK and abroad helping those most vulnerable in our society. Her main interests lie in international relations, policy, human rights as well as conflict resolution and displacement, particularly within the MENA and Africa regions. Through the internship with IARS she hopes to further develop practical skills whilst working on exciting projects.

Joshua Eden

Creative Associate

My name is Joshua and I’m from the UK. I hold a BA in Anthropology from the University of Sussex and have recently graduated from the LSE with an MSc in Criminal Justice Policy. My research interests include drug policy, public opinion on crime and criminal justice, and restorative justice. It is inspiring to see how the IARS International Institute are applying action research and youth-led principles to their projects, especially at a time when public opinion and media attention toward matters of youth and criminal justice are increasingly negative. I am excited to develop my research skills supporting the IARS International Institute, particularly through working on the Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project’s provision of a policy framework for preventing the violent radicalization of young people in Europe.

Sidrah Sethi

Campaign Activist

I am Sidrah, and I have completed a three-year degree in BA Criminology at the University of Westminster. Having undertaken this, I developed a fond interest in research, particularly qualitative research. My dissertation focused on women prisoner’s experiences and compared prisoners from both the UK and the USA, and utilising non-invasive methods of case studies and poetry sources which provided rich and complex data. This facilitated my interests in criminal justice research and policy perspectives. As an intern at IARS, which I find to be a valuable opportunity to continue the field of research, this is wonderful chance to translate my theoretical knowledge and apply it to practical real-life frameworks whilst also continually developing and building further skills and knowledge from IARS.

Sandus Abdullahi

Research and Policy Intern

Currently, I am studying at the University of Roehampton doing an LLM in Human Rights. I am passionate about tackling the mass social inequalities present within our societies hence why I decided to do my internship with the IARS. I want to use this opportunity to gain some skills in research and policy as I hope to forge a career in policymaking. In addition to this, I want to meet new people and contribute to the great work the IARS is doing in empowering young people and changing policy for the better.

alex-mcdonaldAlex McDonald Former Editor-in-Chief. A postgraduate student at Kings College London. “I am Editor-in Chief for the 99% Campaign Blog and enjoy writing about a wide selection of topics, particularly sport, travel, technology, politics and current affairs. I hope the 99% Campaign will give me a greater opportunity to write about and research more serious issues.”

Kristina Harris Social Media Outreach 

Currently studying Political Science & Public Service at the University of Pittsburgh where I am a part of the Association of University Women  and Pittsburgh College Democrats. I hope by expanding the outreach of the 99% Campaign I am able to increase the awareness of the campaign itself and help more young people understand their profound worth & ability.”

goknurGöknur Former Outreach Coordinator “Hi I’m Göknur – a 22 year old, classical music addict and recent graduate in International Relations and Politics. During my time at university I was engaged in a wide variety of projects with a focus on positive social change, specifically in the area of environment and education. My interest in political representation, social issues, equality and human rights has led me to volunteer and contribute to IARS and the 99% Campaign.”


ellie-bioEllie Former Creative Associate” I am a recent History graduate of the University of Southampton and an aspiring journalist/editor. Currently Creative Associate for the 99% Campaign, I relish the opportunity to voice my opinions, as well as those of other young people, on issues that matter.”


maxwellMaxwell Former Creative Associate “I am a 23 year old Graphic Communication graduate, eager to apply my existing and developing journalistic/campaign skills to my deep interest in current affairs and the important efforts of the 99% Campaign. As such, I value the opportunity that 99% gives me to express my views on social issues that affect young people through the 99% blog and engage with them through other campaign projects. In the future I hope to continue a career in campaigning or journalism. Outside my interest in current affairs I also have a strong passion for cinema, enjoy following my football team and listening to classic rock.”


Laura WhittallLaura Whittall Former Researcher “I am a researcher and have a keen interest in a variety of social issues and particularly how these are played out in the everyday lives of young people. I recently set up The Curiosity Project which is an initiative to creatively apply a variety of curious ideas to explore our social worlds.”

—Laura Whittall

davidfungDavid Fung Former Researcher “Hi, I’m David from University of California, Davis. Growing up in the information age, I’ve witness the power of social media and the amount of positive impact it can have on our world. I believe in the parable of the starfish, where each person can make a difference. Through this blog, I hope to contribute my part in shaping the future of today’s young people.”

—David Fung

laurenceLaurence Griffin Former Creative Associate “As a young person who has grown up in the countryside in Northern England, inspiration has been all around me. I have been in a fortunate position to have witnessed first hand all corners of British society and how we as individuals can help shape its future, for the better. From my travels all around the UK, I wanted to join the 99% Campaign as there are many elements about British society that I am proud of and also not proud of. I know change can happen if we as individuals put our minds to it. I will always be proud of my country, but I know it can be so much better than it already is!”

—Laurence Griffin

holly_whittakerHolly Whittaker Former Outreach Coordinator My name is Holly and I’m 18 years old, currently completing A-Levels in Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. I joined the 99% Campaign as I wanted the chance to report on matters that concern me and other young people that are rarely heard about. I love music, photography, fashion and Quentin Tarantino movies

image002_editedSafoora Ahmed Former Mentor I believe in the next generation of leaders and the positive change we can bring, whether that be a listening ear or instigating genuine effective change in our lives and the people around us. We all need to be proactive in our world to not just be a generation of critics but proactively lead and instigate change from a grassroots level. I believe that the 99% Campaign is a great platform in getting together like-minded young individuals to make long lasting impact in our communities and society as a whole.

—Safoora Ahmed

_MG_3284Joseph Newman Former Photographer “I am London based photojournalist who graduated from Leeds University in 2013. I saw the 99% Campaign through The Guardian and felt the cause really spoke to me. I am currently working on the 99% Campaign magazine board with a special project taking portraits of young Londoners. Check out my website at joenewmanphoto.tumblr.com.”

—Joseph Newman

IMAG0475[1]Mujtaba Ahmed Former Creative Associate
I am Mujtaba and alongside my commitments with The 99% Campaign, I am a filmmaker, actor, poet, writer and student. I joined the campaign in 2013 in order to help project the voice of a lost generation, reminding the world of the 99% of youth trying to achieve their personal goals, despite the stereotypes being placed against them.

Stella_BlogStella Kanggi Cai Former Community Researcher “I am Stella, a postgraduate student at LSE, doing Comparative Politics. As a new comer in London, I am fascinated by the inclusiveness of this city, but I am also aware that there is much to be done. I am very interested in the study of nationalism and the question of how people, young people in particular, identify with their communities. I care about politics, and more about people. It would be my great pleasure to share my ideas with you. Let’s  think deep and work hard, to make our communities “home” for everyone.”

ben_blogHi, I’m Ben and I’ll be writing on topical issues affecting young people with a view to offering a fresh perspective, hopefully with the help of your input. I’m currently in my last year of Sixth Form and have recently been through the traumatic experience that was the university application process, so I’ll be particularly focusing on that area if only as a means of therapy!


denise_picHi my name is Denise and I’m 22. I’m very interested in the Criminal Justice System and the way that individuals can bring about social change. I would like to help empower young people to talk about issues surrounding youth and to make their voices heard by society. I have a lot of passion for Dance and I have trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and House. I enjoy travelling and I like going to the theatre and listening to music.